[Taxacom] [TAXACOM] Herpetological Common Names

Kampmeier, Gail E gkamp at illinois.edu
Sun Aug 2 14:00:29 CDT 2015

I normally get the digest, but checked the archives to see that no one yet had mentioned what the Entomological Society of America has been doing in regard to establishment of new common names http://www.entsoc.org/pubs/common_names.

We have an online database and procedure in place for establishing these on the Society’s website along with a history of the use and submission of common names http://www.entsoc.org/pubs/use-and-submission-common-names. At the moment, I think all of the names are in English, but this is no doubt historical and limited by expertise and familiarity of use in other languages. Now that the EntSoc is officially a worldwide organization and not just North American in scope, this may change in the future. Nonetheless the procedures are in place, which was, I think Robin Leech’s original question.

Perhaps this will help the American Arachnological Society, or perhaps they would like to team up with the entomologists considering we also include arachnids in our title of “Common Names of Insects and Related Organisms.”



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