[Taxacom] seriously OFF-TOPIC paper request

Susan B Farmer sfarmer at goldsword.com
Thu Aug 27 15:46:32 CDT 2015

Help me, Taxacom;  you're my only hope!

I'm trying to get a PDF of an article on Viking Age Norwegian textiles, 
and ILL from my college library has failed me.

Would anybody be able to get me a copy of this article?  I'll pay 
postage and handling for a paper copy if a PDF is unavailable.

Munksgaard, E.  1984.  The Embroideries from Bjerringhøj, Mammen.  Pp. 
159-172 in Høgestøl, Mari, et al. Festskrift til Thorleif Sjøvold På 
70-årsdagen.  Universitetets Oldsaksamlings Skrifter Ny rekke Nr. 5. 
Eds. Høgestøl et al.  Oslo.

Thanks bunches.

We now return yiu to your regularly scheduled taxonomic discussion.

Susan B. Farmer
sfarmer at goldsword.com
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
College of Science and Math

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