[Taxacom] Tracking usages of biological collections, environmental terms and species traits in prospective publishing

Lawrence Kirkendall lawrence.kirkendall at bio.uib.no
Fri Aug 21 14:41:18 CDT 2015

The idea of a Terms button sounds like it could be a really useful development, and could really help readers not expert in the taxa being discussed. Implementation seems to be problematic, however. Clearly, this feature will be difficult to use if all or nearly all words in a text are included; surely the aim is to help readers with highly specialized terminology. Yet, perfectly ‘normal' English terms like “adult”, “finger”, “forest”, “highway”, and “tooth” are in this list, as is the questionable “leafmound”. Not in the list are dozens of specialized morpological terms such as “paranota”, “prozonite”, “ozopore”, and “ozopores”.

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