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Yoannis Domínguez yoannisd at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 17:02:50 CST 2015

Dear all,

Does someone have access to the following papers and could send me a pdf?

Casper, S.J. 1974. Eine neue *Pinguicula*-Art aus Mexiko. Feddes
Repertorium. 85(1-2):  1-6.

Kirchner, B. 1981. Pinguicula esseriana (Lentibulariaceae) - eine neue Art
aus Mexiko. Willdenowia 11(2): 317-319.

The following ones I'm afraid that are not in the web, so, if anyone with
access to these publications could scan it for me I'll be very grateful.

Casper, S.J. 1963. Neue *Pinguicula-Arten *aus Mexico. Rep. Sp. Nov. 67:

Casper, S. J. 1963. Gedanken zur Gliederung der Gattung *Pinguicula *L.
Bot. Jahrb. 82: 321-335.

Thanks in advance!


Prof. Dr. Yoannis Domínguez

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Instituto de Biociências, Câmpus do Litoral Paulista - IB-CLP
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