[Taxacom] Australian's oldest scientist to celebrate 100th Birthday - seeking information on species named after him

Nicole.Fisher at csiro.au Nicole.Fisher at csiro.au
Sun Dec 13 17:51:01 CST 2015

On December 21 this year, Dr Max Day, will have his birthday, and turn 100 years old. This will make him Australia's oldest scientist.

To celebrate Max's 100th birthday, a book is being compiled.
We need your help please to identify species that are named after Max Day to be included in the book.
Currently, we know of one genus and 4 species -
Inghamia dayi Evans, 1966, a leafhopper (Family Cicadellidae)
Chidaea dayi Emeljanov, 2000, a planthopper (Family Cixiidae)
Daymfus Ă–zdikmen & Demir, 2010, a horned treehopper (Family Membracidae)
Ogmograptis maxdayi Horak, 2012, a scribbly moth (Family Bucculatricidae)

Xanthoparmelia dayiana Elix & J.Johnst, a lichen

Are you aware of any more?
Please contact Max Day's son Jon at jon.day at my.jcu.edu.au<mailto:jon.day at my.jcu.edu.au> if you can help add to the list.
Thank you

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