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Sources for bibliographical abbreviations such as 'loc. cit.'  are style guides/manuals put out by various publishers, e.g. Chicago, Australian Government Style Manual, Oxford UP, Cambridge UP.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_style_guides for a list of numerous of these.

One of the best references I know for such abbreviations with a botanical slant is William Stearn's 'Botanical Latin' (4th edition 1992).
It has an extensive list of abbreviations, contractions and symbols that are found in older botanical publications; some of these are relevant to zoology, too.

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"l. c." (or "loc. cit.") means "loco citato" and "p." means "page"
So this means "at the cited location on page 187.

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Dear Taxacomers,

Recently I came across an abbreviation which meaning I couldn't find
anywhere: "l.c.p." The context in which it appears is a synonymic catalog of a group of Lepidoptera, and the only words are "*Nelphe coccinipes* Grote l.c.p. 187 (1871)". The number 187 is the page number, and 1871 is the year in which it was published. Does anyone know what this "l.c.p."
means? Any suggestion of bibliography in which I can find other such abbreviations is also appreciated.

Thank you,

Lívia Rodrigues Pinheiro

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