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Derek Sikes dssikes at alaska.edu
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Some of you might be interested in this new book:

*Butterflies of Alaska, A Field Guide*. Kenelm W. Philip (Posthumous) and
Clifford D. Ferris. 104 pages, spiral bound with durable covers;8.5" x 11".
The known 79 resident and 5 casual species are illustrated in full color.
Each species entry includes information on geographic distribution,
habitat, basic biology, flight period, diagnostic characters, and field
behavior. A species index and plant index are included. $30 plus postage.
ISBN 978-1-944242-71-8.

Kenelm Philip, a long time Research Affiliate of the University of Alaska
Museum, had been working on production of a field guide to Alaska's
butterflies since the late 1960s. Ken passed away in early 2014 before
finishing his book. His friends picked up where he left off and have
completed his dream. Cliff Ferris, a colleague and friend of Ken's
co-authored the work and prepared the photos of pinned specimens.
University of Alaska Museum Curator of Insects, Derek Sikes, his graduate
student, Kathryn Daly, and their colleague with the USFWS, Matt Bowser,
prepared dot maps for the guide using data from the UAM and Ken's
collections. Copies are available for purchase from the UAM bookstore and
other booksellers, including BioQuip. For more information see The Alaska
Entomological Society webpage:

- Derek

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