[Taxacom] Twitter Fwd: Nature needs names: 60 new dragonflies from Africa

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Sun Dec 13 05:24:04 CST 2015

> On Doug's other point of some twitter feed or something listing papers,
> effectively, could not Zoobank effectively do that under a twitter account
> #Zoobank that does a daily "whats new":

ZooBank already has an RSS feed; would a separate Twitter feed be useful?  How best to use the 140 characters?  A core ZooBank URL is minimally 55 characters ("http://zoobank.org/" + 36 characters for the UUID -- though we could strip the dashes and make it 51 characters total).  How best to use the remaining characters?

Please bear in mind that I only vaguely understand what Twitter is.... (I develop sophisticated databases, and cutting-edge diving technology; but I'm a total luddite when it comes to social media).


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