[Taxacom] Twitter Fwd: Nature needs names: 60 new dragonflies from Africa

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Ha!  Good one Rod!  A bit of a cart-before-the-horse, eh?  When deciding the best persistent identifier to use, tweetability is pretty-much at the very bottom of the list in terms of factors that should influence the decision.  Nomenclatue has been around for 250+ years; so we should be thinking about identifiers that may potentially survive centuries (or, at least decades).  Twitter already seems to be on its way out (http://www.google.com/#q=twitter+decline). This is a perfect example of how NOT to decide what kinds of persistent identifiers to use.


However, I do like your suggestion of taking the existing twitter feed and parlaying it into an automatic Twitter feed.  I’m in Berlin to attend the ICZN General meeting, and I’ll bring this up when we discuss the agenda this afternoon (i.e., more generally: ZooBank/ICZN and social media).  So… good timing!





P.S. Huh – https://twitter.com/hashtag/zoobank ; https://twitter.com/ZooNom ; https://www.facebook.com/pages/ICZN-Code-of-Nomenclature/164294313631324 ; https://www.facebook.com/pages/ICZN/195705607125335 ; https://www.facebook.com/zoonom  -- maybe I should start learning about this social media stuff?



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Hi Rich, 


I was going to say that this is another reason UUIDs are problematic, 36 characters + HTTP prefix that take up value space in a tweet - assuming the contents of a tweet are considered valuable - ;)  however you can use URL shorteners to save space, which undoes my argument about UUIDs (damn).


In fact, you could use https://ifttt.com to create a “recipe" that automatically sent the ZooBank RSS feed to Twitter without you having to do any work (other than create a ZooBank Twitter account).


I currently do this for BioNames http://bionames.org (see https://twitter.com/bionames






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On Doug's other point of some twitter feed or something listing papers,
effectively, could not Zoobank effectively do that under a twitter account
#Zoobank that does a daily "whats new":

ZooBank already has an RSS feed; would a separate Twitter feed be useful?  How best to use the 140 characters?  A core ZooBank URL is minimally 55 characters ("http://zoobank.org/" + 36 characters for the UUID -- though we could strip the dashes and make it 51 characters total).  How best to use the remaining characters?

Please bear in mind that I only vaguely understand what Twitter is.... (I develop sophisticated databases, and cutting-edge diving technology; but I'm a total luddite when it comes to social media).


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