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>Synonymy is taxonomy, a first reviser act under the ICZN Code is nomenclature<

Yes, but my point was that this has the potential to create great confusion in the minds of most taxonomists (who typically aren't necessarily that clued up on the finer subtleties of nomenclature).

If someone claims the following synonymy on a website, say: 

Aus bus L., 1753
=Aus cus L., 1753

Then the valid name for the taxon is indeterminate until such time as someone publishes a first reviser choice in a Code recognised publication (and they can choose either option). Having such names hanging in limbo is possibly not a good thing!



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 > Rich,
 > The issue of whether or not synonymy must be published
 according to the 
 > ICZN Code is actually very unclear. One issue concerns
 first reviser 
 > choice of relative precedence in cases of equal
 priority. That is a 
 > nomenclatural act, and cannot therefore be validly
 achieved in non Code 
 > defined publications, making things potentially very
 > Cheers, Stephen
 That's exactly why I summed up with
 "The best guideline for anyone who is uncertain is that
 anything regulated 
 by the ICZN Code should be treated as nomenclature and
 everything else as 
 Synonymy is taxonomy, a first reviser act under the ICZN
 Code is 
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