[Taxacom] Proventrum or prosternum?

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My understanding is that, among the three thoracic subdivisions, the prothorax is the only one that is hypothesized to comprise the original segmental components, including sternite, with the other two being composites of each other and the first abdominal, reaching an extreme in Hymenoptera.

But that might now be an old school interpretation. I refer to the prosternum, then meso-, and metaventrites in beetle papers and no one has objected to those usages recently. Oddly, seemingly there is no push to refer to the dorsal sclerites  as dorsites.

I'd be curious myself to see what other opinions are out there.

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Proventrum or prosternum? I have been recently told by a reviewer that
the latter term is somewhat outdated. As far as I can tell prosternum
is the standard, accepted term (Torre-Bueno, Matsuda, Snodgrass...)
and the most commonly used by researchers. Has there been a recent
move to harmonize morphological terminology that I am unfamiliar with?

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