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Barry OConnor bmoc at umich.edu
Tue Feb 3 10:30:48 CST 2015

Dear colleagues - I am trying to find the given name or initial for a
French worker who published on mange in livestock in the early 1800's. In
the publications (which are essentially minutes of scientific meetings) he
is only referred to as "M. [Monsieur] Saint-Didier", and the few subsequent
authors who cite these works only give his surname. He was apparently too
obscure to be referenced in "Who's who" or encyclopedic treatments, and a
Google search does not turn up anything relevant.
The references are:

Saint-Didier (1813) Sur l'acare de la gale du cheval. C R Trav Soc Agric
Sci Art Util Lyon pp. 40-42

Saint-Didier (1823) Sur l'acare de la gale du cheval. Mem Soc Linn Paris 2:

Any help will be appreciated!

All the best! - Barry

-So many mites, so little time!

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