[Taxacom] The Plant List revisited

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Wed Feb 11 03:10:02 CST 2015

I have expressed support for The Plant List, and I am still hopeful
that this is justified. However, it has always been evident that it
is unreliable in low-profile groups (mosses being really bad). 
It is more and more apparent that even in high-profile groups
there are regrettable errors. A selection. 

The list holds an accepted genus Engelhardia (Juglandaceae) 
with three accepted species and an accepted genus Engelhardtia 
(Juglandaceae) with twelve accepted species. Given that 
Engelhardia is a conserved name, and that there could not be a 
more clear-cut situation, this is really sad.

Pretty appalling are these "accepted" names in what I would 
have thought to be a high-profile group:
- Cactus goodrichii (Engelm.) Kuntze 
- Mammillaria dioica K.Brandegee
- Mammillaria goodridgii Scheer
- Neomammillaria dioica (K.Brandegee) Britton & Rose
- Neomammillaria goodridgei (Scheer) Britton & Rose
these all go back to a name published as "Mamillaria goodrichii", 
by Scheer, named after a "Dom. Goodrich" (a Mr. J. Goodridge, 
surgeon, by external evidence). This name was misapplied by
Engelmann to a different plant, later named Mammillaria dioica 
by Brandegee.

The non-taxonomist user has to deal with five "accepted" names 
for two species and three "accepted" spellings of one epithet . . .


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