[Taxacom] Vacancy: Research fellow in Plant Systematics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Shen-Horn Yen shenhornyen at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 12 00:14:13 CST 2015

Plant Biodiversity Researcher
The Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica (BRCAS, http://biodiv.sinica.edu.tw/),
 Taipei, Taiwan invites applications for a scientist whose research is 
field collection-based, addressing fundamental questions in vascular 
plant systematics, taxonomy, 
phylogenetics, biogeography, and/or related fields. Qualified candidates
 must have a strong postdoctoral research track record. 

While we 
anticipate the appointment at the tenure-track Assistant Research Fellow
 level (equivalent to an Assistant Professor), extraordinary candidates 
at higher levels may be considered.
 BRCAS provides each PI with 
annual internal funding and good start-up for new PIs. Faculty members 
have opportunities to mentor graduate students through Academia Sinica's
 "Taiwan International Graduate Program" (TIGP). 

The successful 
candidate is expected 1) to conduct fundamental research; 2) to curate 
and to grow our research museum collection (about 140,000 botanical and 
45,000 zoological specimens); and 3) to support museum outreach. 
Candidates are expected to establish an internationally recognized 
program. We encourage applicants with at least part of the research 
focused in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region.

 Deadline for 
application is March 15, 2015. The applicant should submit names and 
e-mail addresses of three references along with CV (including a list of 
publications), 3−5 representative papers (pdf files), and a statement of
 past achievements and future research interests to Ms. Miao-Suey Lin 
(zomslin at gate.sinica.edu.tw).

Website of BRCAS: http://biodiv.sinica.edu.tw/en2007/ 

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