[Taxacom] Survey of digitization in US herbaria

Mary Barkworth Mary.Barkworth at usu.edu
Fri Feb 20 14:36:31 CST 2015

In 2014, the US Virtual Herbarium project conducted its fourth survey on digitization in US herbaria. The results are available at http://usvhproject.org where the herbaria responding positively to a particularly item (i.e., are imaging) are mapped. Note that the results shown are based on the replies we received. - and there were only 248 in 2014. The highest number received was 319 in 2012. Another caution: herbaria that are imaging their specimens may not be putting those images on the web. They probably are but the question was "how many specimens have you imaged?", not "how many images are you making available on the web?"

The questions have changed slightly from year to year but the core questions - how many specimens do you have, how many have you databased, how many have you imaged, and how many have latitude and longitude on them, have not done so (well, we did not ask about latlon data in 2011).

And we on the exc committee thank Tim for his work on displaying the results of the two recent surveys.


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