[Taxacom] Announcement: ICE Sternorrhyncha systematics symposium

Colin Favret ColinFavret at AphidNet.org
Mon Feb 23 11:43:01 CST 2015

23 February 2015

To all Systematists working on Sternorrhyncha,

This is a call for presentations at the International Congress of Entomology
<http://ice2016orlando.org/> in a dedicated symposium
<http://ice2016orlando.org/submit-to-ice-2016/> : Frontiers in
Sternorrhyncha Systematics (September 2016, Orlando, Florida, USA).

We Sternorrhyncha researchers tend to aggregate within our respective taxa
(aphids, psyllids, scales, whiteflies); the main impetus for the proposed
symposium is to cross those taxonomic boundaries and seek synergy between
our respective camps. It also plays nicely into the ICE theme of
"Entomology without Borders", in this case taxonomic ones.

The Sternorrhyncha symposium will feature approximately eight oral
“reviews” of the state of systematics of the four major groups of
Sternorrhyncha (Aleyrodidae, Aphidomorpha, Coccomorpha, Psylloidea):
biology, evolution, phylogeny, classification, taxonomy, speciation.
Keynote presentations on the history (scientific and geologic) and future
(questions, challenges, needs) of Sternorrhyncha systematics will bracket
the symposium. A poster session will highlight the diversity of current

Please consider presenting at the Sternorrhyncha symposium!

Although the ICE is over a year and a half away, symposium submissions must
be made by 2 March 2015, in less than a week! Given that the ICE is so far
in the future, a presentation submission will not be considered a
contractual obligation, but a “definite maybe”.

Simply send your name and a tentative title to Colin:
ColinFavret at AphidNet.org. Please indicate if you would like to give an oral
presentation or participate in the poster session. Note that there is a
very limited number of slots for the oral session and that the poster
session will be a key highlight of the symposium: it will give us the
opportunity to share our work with researchers across the Sternorrhyncha

Please forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested; PIs,
please send this to your students and encourage them to participate. Thank
you for your participation in what is sure to be a very informative

Online version of this announcement

Sincerely, Colin

Colin Favret

Université de Montréal

http://Favret.AphidNet.org <http://favret.aphidnet.org>

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