[Taxacom] request for an e-mail address of LE

Kirkbride, Joseph Joseph.Kirkbride at ARS.USDA.GOV
Thu Feb 26 15:43:15 CST 2015

I tried to send a message to LE requesting information concerning types in their herbarium. I sent the message to:
  Dr. Rudolf Vladimirovich Kamelin
  Director of the Vascular Plants Herbarium
  V. L. Komarov Botanical Institute
  Prof. Popov Street 2
  Saint Petersburg 197376 , Russia
  E-mail: kamelin at herb.bin.ras.spb.ru
I got a message back from my e-mail server stating, "Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's e-mail provider rejected it".

Does anyone have a functioning e-mail address for LE?

Thanks, Joe K

Joseph H. Kirkbride, Jr., Research Botanist
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