[Taxacom] Identification of an entomological collection

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I did a few searches in the Global Registry of Biodiversity Repositories (GRBio) using the terms you mentioned.  There are no institutions with addresses that include 'Dahlem' but the address fields are pretty poorly populated in GRBio (except for the Index Herbariorum records).

I did find the Deutsches Entomologisches Institut (institutionCode DEI, http://grbio.org/institution/senckenberg-deutsches-entomologisches-institut) which is in M√ľncheberg.  The record is pretty complete and it mentions former locations in Berlin and Eberswalde but not Dahlem.  There's a poorly populated record with the same institutionName but instCode DEIB, located in Eberswald.  These are the only two records in Germany and the string 'entom' in the institutionName.


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To anyone who might be able to help, I came across reference to the Deutsch 'entom' museum Dahlem. I have not been able to locate this institution yet, but if anyone knows of its current identity etc I would be most grateful.


John Grehan
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