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Senckenberg Course in Taxonomy and Systematics
February 22nd through March 08th 2015
The correct classification of taxa is indisputably the fundamental
prerequisite for many disciplines in bioscience, e.g., biodiversity
research. The “Senckenberg Course in Taxonomy and Systematics” is
designed as a graduate course. It is centred around the concept of
“integrative taxonomy and systematics”: The fact that taxonomy and
systematics is confronted with a tremendous progress in all fields of
biosciences (the rise of new technologies such as next generation DNA
sequencing or micro CT) requires the need for a complex synthesis of
knowledge in an unprecedented extent and speed. This synthesis needs
be well embedded in concepts (species concepts) and conventions
(nomenclature) of taxonomy and systematics. Consequently, the course
will give hands-on insights in how to actually describe species and
prepare taxonomic revisions. This will cover both the historic as well
as the modern “state-of-the-art” perspective of these disciplines (the
integrative use of data from various fields of biosciences). Although
the topics of the course have a strong focus on alpha-taxonomy, i.e.,
delineating species, etc., concepts and methods to unravel
relationships between species and taxa will also be taught.
Application Deadline: Applications must be received no later than
February 6th 2015
Please contact the organizers heiko.stuckas[at]senckenberg.de or
raffael.ernst [@]senckenberg.de 
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