[Taxacom] Rotifer Symposium, České Budějovice, August 30th to September 4th

Diego Fontaneto diego.fontaneto at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 02:32:09 CST 2015

*14th International Rotifer Symposium*

The 14th International Rotifer Symposium will be held in České Budějovice,
Czech Republic, from August 30th to September 4th, 2015.

All researchers interested in rotifers, as well as researchers working on
topics that relate to rotifer biology should join us. Related topics
include, but are not limited to the following: Acanthocephalans; Aging;
Aquaculture; Anhydrobiosis; Asexuals; Biogeography; Diapause; Dispersal;
Evolution; Population dynamics; etc.

All research topics relating to rotifers will be discussed, including their
ecological roles in aquatic systems, their evolutionary processes and
adaptations, their use in ecotoxicology, the surprising asexual genomes of
bdelloids, and more.

Need more information about the symposium? Visit the IRS14 webpage!

*http://www.rotifera.org/ <http://www.rotifera.org/>*

*Additional highlights*

*Invited speakers*

Nelson Hairston, Claudia Ricci, Karine Van Doninck, Scott Monks, Holger

*http://www.rotifera.org/speakers <http://www.rotifera.org/speakers>*

*Workshop on multivariate statistics*

Petr Šmilauer and Jan Šuspa Lepš will provide an introduction to advanced
multivariate statistics in which you can learn how to use these techniques
in rotifer studies.


*Workshop on dormancy*

Discussing the ecological and evolutionary role of rotifer resting eggs.

*Workshop on bdelloid rotifers*

To know more about the taxonomy, ecology, and genetics of these fascinating

*Flyer of the meeting*


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