[Taxacom] Help with paper/information

Juan Francisco Araya jfaraya at u.uchile.cl
Tue Jan 20 20:42:39 CST 2015

Dear All:

I am looking for the next paper:

Vinogradov, M. E. and T.N. Semenova. 1985. A new species of the genus *Hyperia
*(Crustacea, Amphipoda) from the coastal waters of Peru/Zool. Zh.,64(1):
141-143 (In Russian)

I am mostly interested in the description of *Hyperia curticephala*, a
pelagic amphipod which lives with the jellyfish *Chrysaora plocamia* off
the coasts of PerĂº and Chile. Any records/papers on this particular species
will be particularly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Juan Francisco.

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