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Neal Evenhuis neale at bishopmuseum.org
Wed Jan 7 17:59:36 CST 2015

On Stardate 1/7/15 1:43 PM, Star Commander "Stephen Thorpe"
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>how can we verify that they were indeed validly published. Answer: ONLY
>IF the EARLY VIEW version (PDF) has been archived and is accessible. As
>far as I can tell, if anything at all gets archived, it is the final
>paginated version. This could be a problem ...

That was the problem that came up in the discussions among a number of us
that led to this paper. The early view is indeed a valid publication at
the time it comes online (any clicking on the DOI leads you to the
archived electronic early view). But apparently, the early view version
gets trashed once the paginated journal version of the article comes out.
If it is archived anywhere, I could not find it. Clicking on the same DOI
[= archived version] goes directly to the paged version and not the early
view publication.

One would think that "archiving" means permanence, but this is not so when
the original archived version changes.

You should not be able to do a "bait and switch" in nomenclature.


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