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In other words, Doug, the main problem is that a publication might be Zoobank preregistered and electronically published (say on 1 Jan 2015), but with other errors which make the names unavailable from that date (e.g. holotype repository not stated, etc., etc.) Then the publisher replaces the PDF with the final one/print edition (say on 1 Aug 2015), which has those errors corrected and looks like they never existed. The actual publication date is 1 Aug 2015, but looks like 1 Jan 2015, and nobody can really prove otherwise ...

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 > The problem,
 Donat, is that this is not formalised in the Code. I agree
 that it makes sense, and for pragmatic reasons I accept it,
 but there is still the problem of verification, i.e. that
 the publisher didn't try to "pull a fast one"
 by adding in a forgotten ZooBank LSID after the Early View
 version was first published online. Publishers don't
 like making mistakes, and sometimes try to hide them...
 The registration in
 ZooBank is time-stamped. If a work is registered 
 retroactively (so the time stamp post-dates the
 date of publication), 
 then the electronic
 version is not considered published, and the 
 nomenclatural acts in it are available from the
 date of the print 
 version instead. If there
 is no print version at all AND a post-dated 
 registration, then there is no Code-compliant
 publication at all.
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