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I didn't quite say that. My "conspiracy theory" is merely that the amendment was more carefully considered against the publishing model of Magnolia Press, and less so for other publishers (whether major or minor, commercial or not) who did not have a representative on the ICZN.


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 Hi Stephen,
 As I have said before, you are
 WAY off base here.  Zhi-Qiang made excellent contributions
 to the discussion on the e-publication amendment, just as
 many other Commissioners and non-Commissioners did.  I
 don't recall ANY instance where his input in any way
 attempted to influence the direction of the final wording of
 the Amendment in a way that would favor "major
 commercial publishers".  We all share the same goal:
 nomenclatural stability.  The real problem is that there
 are different ways to interpret "stability". 
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 > Well, I
 mean more so and especially with regard to electronic
 publishing (which
 > didn't exist in
 the Code a decade ago).
 > I don't think it is a "conspiracy
 theory" to think that the electronic amendement
 > was "heavily influenced" by the
 one commissioner who is also a major
 commercial publisher. I'd be surprised if it
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 >  "Rather, I strongly
 >  suspect that we will have to learn to
 live with zoological  nomenclature that is
 > somewhat less than well-defined, i.e.
 >  somewhat vague and fuzzy around the
 Wow, Stephen, you haven't
 >  learned
 that yet - in all these decades?
 >  And stop with your Magnolia Press
 conspiracy  theory. This is just not true.
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