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Hi Barry, 

I cannot offer THE solution, but I can suggest A solution.
In the western US up until roads were built, people relied on 
travel by train.  So, they would come west, get off at a particular 
site that the RR company said was Podunk Junction, or at a site many
miles west of Podunk Junction.  The collector may have collected many 
many specimens many miles from Podunk, but all the labels will read 
"Podunk Junction", mainly because there was no other identifiable

The other thing that happened was that major collectors would come west, 
and they would work out of say Los Angeles.  But they would pay various 
local west coast collectors for specimens.  All specimens went to Los 
Angeles, and they would be labelled "Los Angeles, California", even though 
the specimens might have been collected in Portland or Seattle. When the 
specimens were sent to eastern US museums, all the material from this main 
collector would have been labelled "Los Angeles".

I cite the following example from my own work.  A specimen labelled "Amaurobius
angeles" from Los Angeles (holotype label), a female, but no males.  In doing 
my digging for locations, I found more females, and males from northern Calif.

Hope this helps.


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I have a beetle specimen from which I have recovered mites of some interest. However, the locality information is odd. The label reads:
I haven't been able to locate a "Livorno" in Switzerland, however Livorno Ferraris is a town in northern Italy (45.281693, 8.084914). I checked an old map, but the Swiss border from that era appears to be the same as today's. I'd appreciate any help in tracking this down.
All the best! - Barry

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