[Taxacom] Impossible geocodes

Geoffrey Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Sun Jan 25 00:30:19 CST 2015

What to do given that the naive or careless keep making geolocation errors
in print in modern papers?  Well, I'd like to see authors routinely
checking their final version lat/longs by plotting them (or attempting
to). Editors and referees seem not to pay much attention to them, either
because geocodes are so incredibly boring to read carefully, or they think
they are trivial, and who cares anyway?  (ZooKeys is one journal which
takes this seriously - has a good geographical coordinates advice section
for authors).

I reported back one instance last year where an author's whole set of
geolocations as published in a reasonably well-known marine journal were
not nearshore in the W. Caribbean as intended, but way out in the E.
Atlantic, wrong by some 7 thousand km. Both were W longitudes, so it
wasn't an E/W error, and the latitudes were also wrong. What had gone
astray in that case I have no idea.  However, neither author nor journal
editor responded to my email.



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