[Taxacom] Popular science blogposts on the use of museum objects

Feher Zoltan feher at nhmus.hu
Wed Nov 11 02:50:26 CST 2015

Dear Taxacomers,

The Hungarian Natural History Museum plans to launch a series of posts on
its blog "why and how museum objects are useful?".
We would like to demonstrate, by way of examples, why is this important to
maintain and augment museum collections even without any "specific" or
"project related" objective.
It should be a retort to those who argue against the "pointless massacre
of living organisms" what museums are doing.
Thus, we plan to post short stories about museum objects that helped to
resolve scientific problems (e.g. when DNA could be extracted from old
material, when old museum material helped to reveal that how a
distribution range is changing, when alcohol stored specimens of an
extinct species told something about its anatomy, etc) especially if that
had some apparent "public benefit" (e.g. helped in conservation planning).

Besides our own stories, some others would be helpful to make this series
long enough (we plan at least halp a year and one post per week)

Thus, if anyone of you already had any blogposts or other short popular
science writings on this topic, and you do not mind its republication in
our blog (credited to the original author, with link to the source but in
translated and possibly shortened version) please let me know that.

Many thanks in advance


Zoltán Fehér PhD
Hungarian Natural History Museum
Department of Zoology
H-1088 Baross u. 13.
Budapest, HUNGARY
feher#nhmus.hu, feher.zoltan#iif.hu

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