[Taxacom] Formation of family names e.g. Diplogasteridae vs. Diplogastridae in Nematoda (and similar)

Sven Kullander Sven.Kullander at nrm.se
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Tony, Doug, 

A slightly dissenting view:

In regard to correct formation the name to use should be Diplogastridae
This can be obtained from the guide to formation of scientific names which was included in the Third Code but omitted from the Fourth. There is an online version at http://iczn.org/sites/iczn.org/files/Formation_of_names.pdf
It even has gaster -> Gastridae as an example.

If faced with multiple views, adopting the grammatically correct or code-compliant view may be the best, neutral, option.

Article 29.5 says "is in prevailing usage". It does not say "was in prevailing usage in 2000".  Prevailing usage had to be assessed based on most recent usage frequency by current/most recent specialists, not at a specific point back in time, which would be counter to the idea of prevailing usage as a best estimate of current adoption of a name (even if such adoption may have been initiated long ago) by specialists on the group.  


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OK, I will try to re-analyse the results using that criterion... also I realised that I should be using a time window close to 2000 (e.g.
1990-2000), not all papers published prior to that cutoff point...

Regards - Tony

Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia

On 3 November 2015 at 09:09, Doug Yanega <dyanega at ucr.edu> wrote:

> On 11/2/15 1:57 PM, Tony Rees wrote:
> Doug and Stephen, I did a quick check using Google Scholar and came up 
> with the following result:
> 1850-2000 papers: Diplogasteridae 398, Diplogastridae 62
> 2001-2015 papers (out of scope for ICZN "prevailing usage" 
> consideration): Diplogasteridae 459, Diplogastridae 427
> Thus although it appears that usage of the form "Diplogastridae" has 
> been gaining ground, this is incorrect so far as the Code is concerned 
> and the version "Diplogasteridae" is the Code-sanctioned one.
> The Code specifies that what one counts is authors, not papers. 
> Googling is not the best way to assess this metric, therefore. Think 
> about it and you'll see the logic: one author could flood the 
> literature with dozens of papers using the spelling they personally 
> prefer, and thereby "win" if all the other experts published only one paper apiece.
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