[Taxacom] Formation of family names e.g. Diplogasteridae vs. Diplogastridae in Nematoda (and similar)

Tony Rees tonyrees49 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 20:14:17 CST 2015

OK, so we are approximately back where we started: "There is ongoing
controversy over the rendering of names ending in "gaster" with a suffix..."

I guess I will end up following Hodda's treatment and preferences (
Diplogasteridae, Chronogasteridae, etc.) in the absence of anything more
recent (or more persuasive), however bear in mind that he did not cite the
Code anywhere in his decision, and most of the references he considers are
post-2000, not pre 2000 (though that may not make much difference until you
get closer to the present time).

A little more clarity in either the present or future versions of the Code
regarding the application of the relevant rule might also help, methinks.

Regards - Tony

On 3 November 2015 at 19:47, Denis Brothers <Brothers at ukzn.ac.za> wrote:

> I agree with Thomas and others, here. I do understand Doug's viewpoint,
> but I'm afraid that it does not accord with what the Code actually says.
> Denis Brothers

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