[Taxacom] Lupinus specimens need a home

Kennedy, Robin C. KennedyR at missouri.edu
Fri Oct 2 13:19:32 CDT 2015

As many of you may have heard, the University of Missouri Dunn-Palmer Herbarium's collections have been moved to the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis (MO).  (link to an earlier press release below)

Prior to my arrival in 1988, David Baxter Dunn was Curator for about three decades.   There are many, many duplicate collections of Dunn (and his students) still here at UMO, and I am looking for a home for these.  They are mainly (but not all) Lupinus taxa, from Mexico, Central America, and western and southwestern North America.

If anyone or any herbarium is interested in acquiring these (as gifts), please let me know off-list, and we’ll see what we can work out.


Robin C. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Curator, University of Missouri Dunn-Palmer Herbarium   (UMO)
Research Associate, Missouri Botanical Garden  (MO)
Address: Museum Support Center
1411 Rock Quarry Rd.
Columbia  MO  65211-3170
Phone:  (573) 882-6519
E-mail:  kennedyr at missouri.edu  OR  umoherb at missouri.edu

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