[Taxacom] manuscript name question

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 11:28:19 CDT 2015

Since I am not so deeply involved in nomenclatural issues, and even though
I might find an answer somewhere in the rules of zoological nomenclature, I
would be grateful for advice regarding a digital image that I have for a
specimen which was apparently given a manuscript name (according to some we
sites, although I have not seen the manuscript itself - perhaps something I
can follow up on with the institution with his archives) but never

I obtained this image as part of a series of images from a museum to post
on my website on Hepialidae (Lepidoptera). The locality is of general
interest as well as the appearance of the specimen. Do I post the image
without reference to any name, do I post the image without giving locality
data or reference to a repository (as I understand from earlier discussions
on another taxonomic controversy over Australian snakes, anyone could make
up a name and publish it purely on the basis of the image and knowing where
the specimen is deposited and its collection information). Advise on this
matter would be gratefully received.

John Grehan

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