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Dear ColleaguesGood afternoon from warm Africa.
Regarding a project of our post grad student we are looking for below articles and so far no success. And as our university doesnt have interlibrary loan so no chance here.
Would you please be so kind to check if you can help for any of these. Even if one its much appreciated.
-ZIMMERMANN,F. (1922) Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der mit unterstOtzung der Akademie derwissenschaften in wien aus der erbschaft treitl von F. Werner unternommenenzoologischen expedition nach dem Anglo-Agyptischen Sudan (Kordofan) 1914. IXBearbeitung der parasitischen Copepoden von Fischen; Denkschriften der Akademieder Wissenschaften Wien Mathematische. Naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse, 98:101-111, Taf. I-II. -LIU,J.X. AND WANG, W.J. (1991) A new species of the genus Lamproglena from freshwater fishes of China (Copepoda: Cyclopoida,Lernaeidae). Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica 15 (3): 271–273. -MANOHAR,L., SEENAPPA, D. AND VENKATESHAPPA, T. (1992) Lamproglena hospetensisn. sp. from the fish Silundia sykesi. IndianJournal of Parasitology 16 (2):127–130. -CAPART,A. (1943) Notes Sur Les Copepodes parasites. 1- Quelques Copepodes parasitesdes poissons d'eau douce de ThaIlande. Bulletindu Musee royal d' Histoirenaturelle de Belgique 19 (8): 1–12. -KIRTISINGHE,P. (1950) Parasitic Copepods of fish from Ceylon. Parasitology 40 (1-2): 77–86. -FILHOL,J. (1936) Nouvelles observations sur le developpement et la biologie duLamproglena pulchella Nordmann. Annalesde parasitologie T. XIV (3):246–255. -GUSSEV,A.B. (1950) New type of parasitic copepods of the family Dichelesthiidae. Doklady Akademij Nauk SSSR 71:1167–1170. -YII, S.C. (1937) Synopsis of the genus Lamproglena Nordmannwith description of a new species from North China. Bulletin of the FanMemorial Institute of Biology 7: 131-139. -BATTISH, S.K. AND BRAR, M. (1993) A new copepod parasite Lamproglenagurayai (Family: Lernaeidae) infecting Mystus seenghala (Sykes). HimalainJournal of Environmental Zoology 3:193–198.


Yours sincerely Dr. Ali HalajianD.V.M., PhD.

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