[Taxacom] Help with finding a paper

Fred Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
Wed Oct 7 10:20:40 CDT 2015

many have written:

> Hello all - I am having trouble getting a copy of the following paper from my usual sources...

* somebody should study who is willing to pay $39 for a paper they've 
only known through the publisher's website abstract - if they know it's 
really good they must have known somebody who has the pdf or an 
institutional subscription, and gotten a copy that way, and otherwise 
they just ask TAXACOM.

You'd assume it would be commercial consultants who would be willing to 
just click $39 away, but in their environmental assessments they never 
seem to cite anything from the peer-reviewed literature. A real mystery 
- maybe the publishers just put those whacking great prices on the 
individual articles to keep libraries terrified into paying the whacking 
great prices for subscriptions.

does anyone know?

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