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Michael Heads m.j.heads at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 02:34:00 CDT 2015

Researcher for NY museum kills rare bird in name of science
draws outrage from PETA*
Oct 12, 2015 - *Christopher Filardi*, Director of Pacific Programs at the
American ... New York-based scientist *Christopher Filardi* after he
discovered the...

Poor Chris Filardi is getting the witch-hunt treatment for daring to
collect a specimen. I saw the story first in the UK media, and this
anti-collecting hysteria is also spreading in other countries. CF's work is
first-rate and I quoted it several times in my last book, e.g. : 'the
Solomon Islands have more endemic bird species than any other area of
similar size in the world (Filardi and Smith, 2005)'. We should be
supporting his  work, not stamping it out.

Michael Heads

Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Craw, R., J. Grehan, M. Heads. 1999. *Panbiogeography: Tracking the history
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Heads, M. 2014.* Biogeography of Australasia:  A molecular analysis*.
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