[Taxacom] Wikidata and Wikispecies

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Fri Oct 23 09:45:18 CDT 2015

Those of you who have an interest in Wikispecies, or Wikidata (two
projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, who also host Wikipedia)
might like to know that the two projects are now linked. For an
overview, see;


This is the first stage of their integration; the second will allow
Wikispecies to pull data from Wikidata onto its pages.

What happens after that is still being discussed, but technically
there is potential for all the data to be migrated to Wikidata (where
a lot of it is currently duplicated), and for Wikidata to be a front
end to view or edit that data.

Andy Mabbett

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