[Taxacom] Subkingdom Chromista and Kingdom Protista

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Wed Oct 28 21:30:05 CDT 2015

Hi All,                          Below I decided to show Kingdom Protista divided into Subkingdoms Protozoa and Chromista.  I could also  combine Phylum Chlorophyta and Kingdom Metaphyta into a Kingdom Viridiplantae if that consensus would be preferable (but that is a separate issue to be decided later).  I am all for a consensus classification, but I just don't think Ruggiero et al. was quite enough of a consensus for the protists (and the Kingdoms that evolved from them).             ---------------Ken                                                                                                                         P.S.  It should be noted that the current version of Chromista has become much broader than when Chromista was first proposed decades ago.  So much so that I am somewhat reluctant to still call this Subkingdom Chromista (especially with the recent addition of Rhizaria).  However, in view of  Ruggiero et al.'s continued recognition of a full Kingdom Chromista, they left me with little choice if a true consensus is to be achieved.                                 Anyway, just as there are probably better ways to subdivide Superkingdom Prokaryota (into Negibacteria and  Posibacteria, rather than Eubacteria and Archaebacteria), there are also probably better ways to subdivide Kingdom Protista.  In each case, I guess I'll just have to try to modify the consensus in two steps instead of one.  Hopefully I'll live long enough to see that happen.                                 -----------------Ken Kinman  
                    KINGDOM PROTISTA 
SUBKINGDOM PROTOZOA%   1   Euglenozoa 
  2A   Percolozoa 
   B   Loukozoa 
   C   Metamonada 
  3A   Amoebozoa    B   Breviatea  
   C   Apusozoa 
   D   Choanozoa%% 
            1A  Cristidiscoidea
            1B  {{Fungi}}  
            2   Ichthyosporea 
            ?   Corallochytrea
            3   Filasterea
            4   Choanoflagellatea
            5   {{Animalia}}
 _a_   {{Kingdom FUNGI a.k.a. EUMYCOTA}} (true fungi) 
 _b_   {{Kingdom ANIMALIA, a.k.a. METAZOA}} 
  4A   Glaucophyta 
   B   Rhodophyta 
   C   Chlorophyta% 
 _a_   {{Kingdom METAPHYTA, a.k.a PLANTAE sensu stricto}} (embryophytes)    5 {{Subkingdom Chromista}}SUBKINGDOM CHROMISTA 
  1A   Cryptophyta 
  1B   Haptophyta 
   2   Rhizaria 
   3   Heterokonta (stramenopiles) 
   4   Ciliophora 
   5   Dinozoa (or Dinophyta) 
   6   Sporozoa       


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