[Taxacom] why Martin Fikacek resign

Laurent Raty l.raty at skynet.be
Fri Oct 9 00:46:19 CDT 2015


On 10/08/2015 10:41 PM, Michael A. Ivie wrote:
> Still, all these diversions aside, Stephen has never backed up his libel
> of the Code saying it was difficult to designate a Neotype. That is
> proven incorrect.  I am sure no one cares anymore.

 From the excerpts you provided, the validity is not assessable. That 
the name "is involved in taxonomic confusion" does not necessarily 
amount to "there is an exceptional need". Note also that, although it is 
required that you stated the existence of an exceptional need, and that 
you explain it, this is not enough. The need must really *be* there, and 
must really *be* exceptional.

If I disagree with your opinion on this point, I can reject your 
designation as invalid.

Was the name in use, or threatening another name?

Laurent -

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