[Taxacom] manuscript name question

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Sat Oct 10 20:03:07 CDT 2015

Just one comment/clarification from me on what Gary wrote. The Code does NOT require deposition of a holotype for any new species, under any circumstances, it only at most requires a statement of intent to so deposit. If Steve & Neal had made such a statement, then it would matter not one whit what has become of the holotype now! Things could rapidly descend into chaos if someone interpreted the Code in such a way that either the holotype does really have to be deposited, or that it requires a sincere statement of intent (how do you prove/disprove sincerity ... Scott?) What if someone physically stops you from depositing the holotype. What if the Museum burns down before you had the chance to deposit it? Code really needs simplifying, me thinks!


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