[Taxacom] Nomenclatural availability of preliminary electronic versions of taxonomic papers

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> The page number must definitely be fixed. Otherwise it might become a 
> nightmare, or at best a confusing pain, to give a meaningful citation to a 
> nomenclatural act in on-line or even hard copy databases/catalogues, 
> especially where longer publications are concerned. That is the absolute 
> crux of the matter. If the text and other associated details remain the 
> same then I have absolutely no problem. It is the change in page number 
> between early pubs and final pubs that makes all the difference!
> John

While I agree with John about the importance of page numbering, I don't seem 
to have seen mention in this thread any consideration of the availability 
under the ICZN Code of nomenclatorial acts published in papers with online 
early versions. If these early versions do not include statements to fulfil 
all requirements for electronic publications under the Code then 
nomenclatorial acts are not available from those versions anyway. Similarly, 
if the final journal volume paginated electronic version does not comply 
with Code requirements then only the printed version (assuming there is one) 
confers availability on any nomenclatorial acts in the paper; and if there 
is no printed version then they are not available even after the final 
version is e-published.

Since taxonomic acts are not governed by the ICZN Code, any taxonomic acts 
published in the early view versions probably should be cited from those 
publications if citation is necessary.


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