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Thank you everyone who replied. I feel confident that I can now provide the correct information (so long as ITIS is correct) to the database I am developing. I appreciate the help.


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Hi Mary,
Well, zoologists have sub species, but also subgenera. 
So, in theorgy you could have Genus, subgenus, species, subspecies = 4.
It all depends on how much work has been done in a group.
I think birds and beetles may have the most subspecific and subgeneric entries. 

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Also, do zoologists now have only one infraspecific rank, subspecies? If not, what does one do when one has a trinomial with no indication of what the lowest rank is supposed to be?
> Mary


Yes, there is only one infraspecific rank recognised by the ICZN Code, the subspecies.

If you have a trinomial you should assume that it is "Genus species subspecies", unless the middle name is in () and has a capital first letter in which case it is "Genus (Subgenus) species".


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