[Taxacom] another ebay auction of naming rights

Barry Roth barry_roth at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 19:46:15 CDT 2015

I think it was in the early days of Taxacom, when a similar discussion arose, that someone (and my lips are sealed) raised the idea of a protection racket: "pay us a certain amount of money and we won't synonymize the name you just paid to have proposed."
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> I haven't followed all of the discussion on this thread, but felt Doug
> made some interesting points. I helped describe a couple of the species
> featured in Conservation International's Blue Auction a few years back
> (which raised money for a marine park in West Papua). There is a flipside
> too. If someone fronts a ton of money for a species name, what happens if
> that name ends up being a junior synonym of another species? Some
> disclaimer needs to be made apparent to the bidders that this may well
> happen.


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