[Taxacom] Revision using taxonomic concept approach

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Thu Oct 22 18:41:58 CDT 2015

At the risk of getting involved in something drawn-out, if I understand 
it correctly (which I might not), Nico's approach cites the concepts 
being discussed as if they are independent citations (completely 
different from authorships), and the example Stephen picked just 
happened to have these concept citations all identical. That is 
"Minyomerus sec. O’Brien & Wibmer (1982)" might not be the same as 
"Minyomerus sec. Anderson (2002)", and certainly NEITHER of these is 
citing the actual author of the genus Minyomerus, who happens to be 
Horn, 1876. I think it basically replaces what - for older authors 
attempting to discuss things like this - might have been traditionally 
written as "Minyomerus /sensu/ O’Brien & Wibmer (1982)". If that's 
really all it's intended to do, then I think I still prefer "sensu", 
since it's familiar.

I think for most of us who are used to only seeing author names listed 
after scientific names, this is where the mental challenge lies in 
trying to read this sort of text. I'm pretty sure I get the idea, but 
when I read it, my brain keeps connecting those names as if they were 
authors, when they are not. That takes a lot of getting used to.


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