[Taxacom] Record for most primary homonyms by a single Author

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I don't know if this counts, but R.A.M. Ansari published all his old taxa
of Phthiraptera as new three times in three different years in three
different journals, using the same names. In most cases, a given name in
one publication refers to the same species in the subsequent publications,
so it's pretty straightforward, however in several cases this is not the
case, and the names refer to very different genera, have different
descriptions, contradictory measurements, and illustrations that either
make little sense, or show that his classification is very wrong.

The trickiest case is his Philopterus kalkalichi, which is first barely
identifiable as a Brueelia in the first publication, then unidentifiable in
the second, then shown to be a Philopterus in a third publication where it
is not claimed to be a new taxon, and then a Brueelia in a fourth
publication -- but according to the few characters and measurements given
not the same species of Brueelia as in the first publication, and the group
of Brueelia the fourth publication belongs to does not occur on the host
family he gives, and is probably a straggler. As far as is known, his
collections are also partially lost, so this cannot be checked.

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> Dear Taxacomers,
>> I have a situation where a single author, Gorgio Marcuzzi (1919-2010),
>> created 3 primary homonyms of the same name.  I suspect this is a record.
>> Does anyone know of an equal or greater case of this in zoology?
>> Thanks,
>> Mike
> If this includes the senior homonym as well as two junior homonyms, then
> this is equalled by Bernhard Hagen (1853-1919), who in 1894 published three
> separate taxa in genus Papilio all with the name 'var. sumatrana' in the
> same paper (Verzeichniss der von mir auf Sumatra gefangenen Rhopaloceren.
> Deut. ent. Zeit. [Iris], 7: 1-41, pl 1).
> Moonen (1998, Trans. lepid. Soc. Japan 49(3): 219-228) gave priority to
> one of the names under the First Reviser Principle, thus solving this
> particular problem.
> Adam.
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