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Many organizations have such a rule.  The rationale I have been given is that someone else (usually the entity that handles donations for the organization) may be asking the same source for funds, so they want to prevent competition.  This is especially a problem if the supplicant asks for $100 while the organization is trying to extract $1 million from the source.  Then the source can give $100 to the supplicant and, in all honesty, say it is responsive to requests.

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Karl wrote:

"It's one thing for NPS to say you can't sell the name because the specimen belongs to the park, but unless there's more to the story, this seems to make no sense.  What law do they claim you would be violating?  By that logic you would not be able to apply for an NSF grant to work in a park.  They had no problem approving our work that was funded by a private nonprofit foundation.  Karl"

Eric replies:  Thank you Karl for the point of clarification. I can apply for a grant from any organization that normally funds the kind of work I am doing. That includes NSF, Western National Parks Association, World Wildlife Fund, and others. I cannot approach the local Rotary club or the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

I cannot do anything quid pro quo (or put another way, "You scratch my back; I scratch your back."

I apologize for leaving this part out of my original email.

Cheers,  Eric
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