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metzlere at msu.edu metzlere at msu.edu
Thu Oct 29 07:04:39 CDT 2015

Karl wrote: The quid pro quo part makes a sort of a sense, presumably to avoid the appearance of "commerce", though arguably that could prevent crowdfunding even if you're only providing access to results as they come just as you would make reports to any other funding organization.  But not being able to approach anyone else for funds without strings attached seems arbitrary and unenforceable, and would prohibit any kind of crowdfunding.

Eric replies:  I never thought to ask about crowdfunding. A few folks in New Mexico who support my work have made personal contributions of small amounts. When I started to mention this to the National Park Service they plug their ears and immediately change the subject. They did not want to hear about it, therefore I am led to believe crowdfunding would not pass muster.

These are good questions; thanks.

Cheers, Eric

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