[Taxacom] resend Kingdom Protista (and Subkingdom Chromista)

JF Mate aphodiinaemate at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 12:33:41 CDT 2015

Dan, if we accept that "Classifications are arbitrary, and are thus
used (cited) in ways to please
one's own taste." then " accepting paraphyletic groups is simply
absurd in my view." does not follow.

I find that stem/paraphyletic groups tend to be less agressively
dispised in taxa with either a good fossil record or insects. As long
as they are flagged as such they are more useful than 10 monotypic
genera created to keep a crown clade. Maybe when the pendulum swings
back from the current splitting spree we can have a sensible
classification that is cladistically congruent as well. IMO.


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