[Taxacom] Pre-Linnaean names

Dilrukshan Wijesinghe dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 12 09:07:00 CDT 2015

In his The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne (1789), Gilbert White often refers to animal (and plant) species by the names used by John Ray ("our countryman, the excellent Mr. Ray") , e.g."mus agrestis capite grandi brachyuros of Ray", "mus domesticus medius of Ray", "ulmus folio latissimo scabro of Ray", etc. In some cases the species White had in mind is obvious but in other cases it is less so, which lead me to wonder if there are compilations of pre-Linnaean names in general with the corresponding modern names. I am mainly interested in British/European plant and animal names. Thanks in advance for any information. 
D. P. Wijesinghe
dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com

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