[Taxacom] Volume 6 in Flora of North America series published

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Mon Sep 28 14:25:47 CDT 2015

The Flora of North America Association is pleased to announce that Flora
of North America Volume 6 is now available.  This is the 19th published
volume in the 30-volume series.  The book treats Cucurbitaceae to
Droseraceae, which comprises 19 families, 104 genera, and 545 species. The
volume is dedicated to the late Paul Fryxell, noted expert in Malvaceae.

The complete list of families treated includes Cucurbitaceae, Datiscaceae,
Begoniaceae, Calophyllaceae, Clusiaceae, Podostemaceae, Hypericaceae,
Violaceae, Turneraceae, Passifloraceae, Apodanthaceae, Muntingiaceae,
Malvaceae, Cochlospermaceae, Thymelaeaceae, Cistaceae, Frankeniaceae,
Tamaricaceae, and Droseraceae.

You can order the book directly from Oxford University Press by visiting
their Web site (https://global.oup.com/academic/?cc=us&lang=en) and
searching on the title Flora of North America Volume 6.

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