[Taxacom] ID for an Andean angiosperm

Jan De Laet jan.de.laet at skynet.be
Wed Sep 23 04:05:31 CDT 2015

Dear Vinicius,
A long shot, but maybe a Bartsia?
-- Jan
Jan De Laet - www.anagallis.be
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>Dear all,
>Does anybody know this Andean angiosperm?
><https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5b1m8l3sk1znrt3/AADtNRKlYxMnefPGCJbnJxiQa?dl=0> -
>the photo was taken in Peru, in Machupicchu mountain (very close to the
>famous ancient city), at more or less 2500m a.s.l. At first I thought it
>was a *Salvia *species, but now I'm more convinced that it is not! As I
>haven't collected the plant, it's impossible to be certain about ovary
>position and other important details for a proper ID.
>Thanks in advance.

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