[Taxacom] Blobus albus: Possibly a yeast?

Adolf Ceska aceska at telus.net
Thu Apr 14 11:00:03 CDT 2016

We are looking for a mycologist who would recognize our three collections.
Perhaps the best would be a yeast specialist, since we suspect that our
"Blobus albus" could be a wild yeast. 
Our "Blobus albus" forms whitish firm droplets on a cut face of fresh
Arbutus menziesii logs or on the wood of Acer macrophyllum logs. We
collected it on Vancouver Island, in open woods around Victoria, BC, Canada.
We posted it on Mushroom Observer and you can see if you go to the following
We would greatly appreciate any ID suggestions on this and any literature we
would be able to use for its ID.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oluna & Adolf Ceska

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